Pet owners know that sometimes it takes a village to ensure the well-being of their charges and Nova Mobile Vet can provide the pet care and veterinary referrals needed for the task courtesy of our mobile animal hospital. Our state-of-the-art ambulatory veterinary clinic will make it possible for cats and dogs to lounge comfortably and stress-free in their own home while we bring a complete veterinary practice right to their driveway. Then we can provide the imaging and lab service needed to provide a pet with a thorough exam. If an issue arises that requires a specialist, Nova Mobile Vet can provide concerned pet owners with the veterinary referral needed.

Northern Virginia’s own Nova Mobile Vet is well connected throughout the local veterinary community and will happily provide pet owners with the veterinary referrals needed. No matter if your dog or cat requires advanced medical or emergency care, Nova Mobile Vet will connect concerned pet owners to the best specialists in the field. After they work their magic, pet owners can count on Nova Mobile Vet to provide additional recovery services including behavior assessment and so much more.

No two pets are exactly the same and that is why a veterinary referral may sometimes be in order. Nova Mobile Vet has a healthy variety of veterinary care specialists we can recommend to assist in times of need. No matter if your pet’s health requires a board certified animal surgery expert or a specialist providing teleradiology services, we will provide the veterinary referral needed. At Nova Mobile Vet, our goal is to provide exceptional pet care while minimizing the stress to both pet and owner. Aside from eliminating the anxiety associated with visiting a veterinary clinic by bringing the facilities directly to your front door, our veterinary network will provide animal owners with the great veterinary referral they need.