We understand the stress of a sick or injured pet and are prepared to help by pinpointing the issue and providing treatments and medications to put your pet on the road to recovery. Those times can be extremely stressful to both owner and pet and Nova Mobile Vet can help take the anxiety out of the equation courtesy of our mobile veterinary care facility.

Common sick pet visits we see and manage daily include but not limited to:

  • Allergies
  • Upper and lower respiratory disease
  • Ear infections
  • Dermatological abnormalities
  • Wounds/lacerations
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Gastrointestinal upset
  • Bone injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Neurological disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease
  • Mobility issues
  • Eye injuries/disorders
  • Metabolic diseases (diabetes, cushings)
  • Thyroid disorder

Owners do not have to worry about making a trip to a veterinarian as we will have a full assortment of diagnostic equipment in order to best pinpoint the cause of the problem. Only after our veterinarians provide a diagnosis using our extensive experience, imaging, lab services, and specialized facilities can we proceed with delivering all the options available for a speedy recovery. If that is not possible, we will provide a veterinary referral to another caring professional in the field.

There is nothing worse than watching a sick pet in misery because of an unexplained illness or pain. Concerned pet owners know that taking proactive measures is the only way to properly ensure the well being of any pet. Northern Virginia residents do not have to load up their car in order to make a stressful trip to a veterinary clinic for X-rays, advice, or treatment. Nova Mobile Vet will bring the animal hospital to you so you can provide your cherished animal with the professional pet care they need.