Aging is not a black and white process. Watching the process take over a pet can be heartbreaking. There may be a point where your adored pet is in constant pain, perpetual discomfort, no longer eats, has unusual bathroom behavior, and may not even be able to stand. A professional veterinary opinion from Dr. Cryan or Dr. King can deliver a quality of life examination to help evaluate a pet’s health and decide on a course of action for the sick pet.

Once a pet’s quality of life has been evaluated and discussed with the pet owner, Nova Mobile Vet is ready to assist in any way possible. We can help you regardless of whether you want a referral, if your pet needs hospice care, or if euthanasia is a kinder choice. Nova Mobile Vet will be with pet owners every step of a pet’s later stages of life. When the time comes we can help make the transition less stressful for both pet and owner.

No one wants to think of their pets’ quality of life declining. But, as pets age their behaviors and routines may change dramatically. Some telltale signs of decreased quality of life pet owners should look for include:

  • Decrease in appetite or thirst.
  • Loss of control over bladder and bowel movement
  • Extreme weight loss to the point of a dog or cat having protruding bones.
  • Loss of enjoyment in activities.
  • Loss of mobility.

Northern Virginia pet owners who spot any of these signs in a pet should schedule a quality of life examination with Nova Mobile Vet. Once a professional veterinary opinion has been ascertained and shared, a proper approach will be laid out to deal with the issue. Not all reduction in a critter’s enjoyment in life has to result in euthanasia. Sometimes all it takes is some pain medication or fluid infusions to breathe new life into an aging pet. No matter the outcome, Nova Mobile Vet can make the process as stress free and painless as possible