Daily, routine dental care is the #1 way to prevent tartar build up and dental disease progression but in the course of most pets’ lives, a professional dental cleaning is also recommended. When your pet’s kisses are becoming unbearable, Nova Mobile Vet can perform a professional anesthetic dental cleaning known as a COHAT.

What is a COHAT?

A COHAT (Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment) is more than just a dental cleaning. During a regular physical exam, there is only so much we can see while your pet is awake and smiling at us.

While your pet is with us for a COHAT, we are able to examine and assess every part of the mouth for dental and soft tissue diseases and injuries while under monitored general anesthesia.

What to expect during this procedure

Dental Scaling: Using an ultrasonic scaler, tartar will be removed from on and between the teeth and around the gum line
Probing: Using a periodontal probe, we can assess for area where the gums have detached from the teeth, pocketing, and damage to tooth enamel
Treatments: If there are any teeth that are compromised to the point where they are no longer viable or causing pain, we will remove them using professional dental equipment. Pets can also have growths on the gums that can harbor bacteria and speed up the formation of dental tartar in the future and may need to be removed as well.
Polish: Once we are all done, the teeth will be polished to smooth the tooth surface.

How to get started?

First we will need an appointment to meet your pet and get an initial exam and lab work to make sure your pet is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia. A second appointment is then made for the COHAT where we will come to your home in our custom built 26 foot LaBoit RV equipped with our anesthesia and dental equipment and perform the procedure right outside your front door!

For extensive or complicated dental procedures, we also refer clients to local Veterinary dental facilities.

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