There is nothing worse than watching a furry friend be tormented by skin conditions that could be diagnosed and managed by an animal dermatology exam. Allowing a dog or cat to continuously lick or scratch the same area over and over can not only be sad to watch, but can also prove to be harmful to your pet. Scheduling a veterinary examination with Nova Mobile Vet can allow our professional animal care team to deliver exceptional animal care to your beloved pet in order to deliver a proper diagnosis of the problem.

When pets have skin problems, the reasons why are nearly limitless. Some common animal dermatology needs are caused by parasites, seasonal, or contact allergies, or even an underlying endocrine disorder. Nova Mobile Vet will bring a complete mobile animal hospital to
your own front door and our pet care team will utilize our on site diagnostic tools such as skin scrapings, blood tests, imaging, microscopy, woods lamp, and ear examination. In most cases, we can provide an answer quickly.

The Nova Mobile Vet team is experienced with animal dermatology and is used to deal with pet skin problems on a regular basis. Let our team of veterinary experts examine your pet to properly determine the cause of the issue. Only after we have conducted our necessary due diligence will we implement a treatment plan. If pet medication is required, we will have it on hand or can connect you to our preferred online pharmacy in order to place an order and have it quickly delivered to you.

Phovia is a novel way to manipulate the function of cells within the dermis and epidermis, to reduce inflammation but still accelerate regeneration.

It is a two-part system, comprising a LED lamp and a chromophore gel, used together, they produce multi-wavelength fluorescent light energy that can penetrate the skin to variable depths. Unlike other systems, Phovia is capable of triggering different beneficial responses at different levels.

Nova Mobile Vet now offers Phovia skin treatments to aid in skin healing time by speeding up cell generation and growth. See the link below for more information on how Phovia can help your pet.

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